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A Brief Introduction from Chairman Desk

Ideal Academy Trust came into existence in March 1983. Its main objective was to bring moral revolution in Cheeta Camp and in nearby areas, through education. The Founders of the Trust realized that present day school education cannot inculcate in students the moral values, which can make them a better citizen, the harbinger of peace, progress and prosperity. They thought that introduction of religious (moral) education is a must in the school. To achieve this noble objective, Trust started Ideal High School and Baba-e-Qaum Primary School in 1983, with 46 Students and 2 Teachers. This School made progress by leaps and bounds. Ideal Junior College of Arts for girls was started in June 1992. In June 1998, Science stream was added to Junior College. The Commerce stream was started in 2005. Aicmeu’s Industrial Training Centre came under the management of Ideal Academy Trust on 1st July 2008.To equip students with modern education, Ideal Computer Education Centre came into existence in August 2002. For religious education the Trust appointed qualified moral instructors (Alim & Alima). At present 3000 students are getting educations in these Institutions. The girls outnumber the boys. The strength of the total staff is 100.

These institutions heralded an educational revolution in Cheeta Camp and its neighboring areas. Today there are 15 High schools in Cheeta Camp. In our institutions, students from far-flung areas such as Kurla, Chembur, Shivaji Nagar and Vashi seek admission. There is always big rush for admission in these institutes. These facts highlight our growing popularity.

It is true that the college and school buildings are not magnificent. Our labs are not fully equipped. We are also lacking in other infrastructures, which create academic environment conducive for learning and teaching. These shortages and shortcomings are partially compensated by the honest, hardworking, dedicated and devoted teachers employed in these institutions, who work with missionary zeal. Management is dynamic, active, alive, transparent and accountable. Majority of our students are slum-dwellers. Many of these slum dwellers win laurel for their institutions. Many of them passed out with distinctions, securing very high percentages.

Many of our ex-students are Engineers and doctors. Many are teachers. Many are employed as administrators, accountants and clerks. Many are engaged in their own business. Many of our ex-students are also serving abroad. These facts and grounds realties make us happy, encourage and inspire us to do more and more to realize the dreams and fulfill the mission of our founder members. The staff and management work in synergy to make our students, a good human being, selfless social worker, a good citizen and a true patriot.

To achieve all these, we faced great challenges and difficulties, By Almighty’s grace we surmounted them all. Each difficulty resulted in crowning us with success.

Cheeta Camp residents have high expectations from Ideal Academy Trust. They demand for more divisions in each class to accommodate more students. They demand that we should start senior (degree) college also. In the year 2014 we have applied the IGNOU degree clans, approval is awaited. The residents of Cheeta Camp are always to co-operative & feel proud as they believe that there institutes are symbols to their glory. Whatsoever, we achieved, is due to Almighty’s help, and the generous donors and sympathizers, played their role equally as they co-operated, guidance and guided us. At the same time Government agencies and department supported us to make our mission a grand success.

We are sure that Night will end and usher in the Dawn of Success.

Abdul Rab
(Hon. Chairman)
Ideal Academy Trust