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1) Pupils are forbidden to take part in political or other organisation likely to result in violence and communal disturbances.

2) No books other than those prescribed may be brought in to the School premises without permission of the School / College authorities. Guide Books should not be brought to School by the students.

3) Any damage done in class or about the premises will have to be made by the pupil(s). The decision of the School / College Authorities regarding the amount to be paid shall be final.

4) A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard will have to leave the School. Leaving Certificate will be issued him/her.

5) Every Pupil should endeavour to keep up the high tone to the School / College by excelling in good manners and department. Hence, for the smooth running of the School / College no pupil may bring into the School / College any article which may prove to be a source of disturbance.

6) In case of continuous misbehaviour a pupil will be given a warning. Three such warnings during the School / College year will result in the dismissal of pupil from the School.

7) Pupils suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted in School.

8) Parents and Guardians are not allowed to see their children or interact with any teacher during School / College hours.

9) No present or any gift to the teacher is allowed without the previous consent of the Principal. No collection for any purpose what so ever is to be started without the previous permission of the Principal.

10) Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. It is advisable for pupil not to have enough money or valuable articles with them.

11) A record of the address of Parents/Guardians is maintained in the School / College office and they are requested to communicate any change without delay.

12) Character Certificate (and other certificates) will be issued only to those, who leave the School after completing the full S.S.C. / H.S.C. course only if their attendance and conduct is satisfactory. This must be taken within a year, or else no such certificate will be issued.

13) Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected from all students.

14) If a pupil is found committing theft of School / college property, he / she is liable to be rusticated from the School / college.

15) The School / College Authorities and Management reserve the right to add, alter or amend any of these Rules and the same shall be binding on the Parents and Pupils.


Every student must be in School / College, five minutes before the first bell (Prayer Bell). No child is permitted to leave the School / College premises during the recess, except with the permission of the Principal. If pupils are late they are liable to be sent home at their parent’s risk.


Pupils should wear the School / College uniform on School / College days and at School / College functions along with the Identity Card. The uniform should be neat, clean and tidy.


Pupils may wear suitable black footwear during the rainy season, but from 1stOct they should wear black leather shoes with black socks every day.


a) Boys should have their hair close – cut, neatly combed and dressed.

b) Girls should have a simple hair style. Two plaits with black ribbons, short hair-band for secondary section& yellow ribbon & band for primary section.(No other style is permitted)


All students must consider their responsibility to keep the School / College premises clean. Every child must avoid throwing waste papers, fruit peels etc., outside the windows or in the School / College premises. They should use dustbins and Waste Material Baskets (Dry Waste and Wet Waste) provided for this purpose.


Children should take special care of School property i.e. furniture, apparatus, electrical appliances, doors, windows etc. Any damage done to the School property will be recovered by that particular student.


Pupils are answerable to the School authorities for the conduct both inside and outside the School / College. They should always behave themselves in a manner worthy of the dignity of human being. Misbehaviour results the dismissal of the student.

1) Pupils must be in the School / College premises at least 5 minutes before the classes start. At the first warning bell, Pupils must move for the assembly. The second bell marks the beginning of the session. Running, Playing or shouting inside the School building is never allowed inside the classrooms, especially after classes get over. At the end of each session, the pupils in due order and in silence manner should move along the corridors to the exits.

2) Pupils are responsible for the custody of books and belongings. It is not advisable for pupils to have money of valuable articles, watches, ornaments of any kind with them. The School / College take no responsibilities in their loss or damages.

3) Parents & Guardians are not allowed to see their children during School / College hours.

4) Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct destroys the moral tone of the School / College, may lead to the dismissal of the pupil.

5) Any serious breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to Members of the School staff in any way will be treated severely.

6) Pupils must be encouraged to develop a spirit of generosity and gratitude.

7) The responsibility of class room articles has been left with the students. Class Teachers have to take due care in preserving them. In case of breaking of any furniture in any class room during working hours, the students of the concerned classroom will be charged the cost of articles damaged.

The School / College accept no responsibility whenever a pupil is sent home for any of the following reasons:-

1. If he/she comes without proper School uniform.

2. If he/she fails to bring the necessary books and other things related to the curriculum to class.

3. If he/she does not get Teacher’s Remarks, Absence Records signed.

4. If he/she comes late to School / College.

1) New admission will be made subject to there being seats.

2) No correspondence will be entertained regarding admissions. New pupils are admitted at the beginning of first term. On payment in advance of the Admission fee and School / College fees for the first month. The amount thus collected will not be refunded even if the pupil for any reason leaves the School after admission.

3) A candidate who joins fresh from home or from a Private School has to produce an official Birth Certificate, such as the Municipal Corporation or Baptism Certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission form. According to the Government regulation, only pupils who complete five years of his / her age on 1st June can be admitted to Standard First and a corresponding scale of ages is fixed for Subsequent standard.

4) If any pupil comes from a School / College outside the state, the Leaving Certificate of previous School must be countersigned by the Educational Inspector / Officer of the state.

1) Regular attendance is compulsory. A student must have a minimum of 80 % attendance.

2) Pupils should be in the School / College premises ten minutes before the first bell. They must be present in their respective classroom immediately after the warning bell of Short and Long Recesses. Absence / coming late without a proper reason shall entail punishment.

3) Pupils are not permitted to leave the School / College compound during the Short and the Long Recesses.

4) If a pupil remains absent from School / College, he should produce a note from his Parents /Guardian on the next day he attends School / College, indicating the reason for his absence. If the absence is more than three days, the Parents / Guardian should inform School / College about it in advance either personally / in writing. Absence on account of illness should be supported by a Medical Certificate.

5) No leave of absence is granted except for genuine reasons.

6) It is advisable not to send a pupil suffering from an infectious disease to the School / College. A Medical Certificate that the pupil is free from infection, should be produced when he / she re-joins School after such an illness.

7) If for any reason a Parent / Guardian desire that his ward should return home from School / College before the scheduled time he / she should send a note with him / her to that effect indicating the reason. In the alternative, when a pupil desires to return home for some proper reason earlier than the scheduled time should apply in writing to the class teacher to the effect. The pupil is issued in such a case gate pass in duplicate, one copy of which is to be handed over by the pupil to the Watchman before leaving the School / College compound and the second copy carried by him home to be returned to the School / College Office the next day with the Parent’s /Guardian's signature and the time of the arrival of the student at home.

8) If a pupil is unwell, he should not be sent to the School / College.

Use of cell phones in any form in the class rooms while in session is strictly prohibited. On breach of this discipline, the cell-phone holder will be liable for a penalty of Rs.500/- for the first offence. In case of a repetition of the offence the cell-phone shall be liable to confiscation.

Students should refrain from ragging within or outside the College premises. Government of Maharashtra by resolution no. tern/10967620/96 dated 06-09-1996 has notified ragging as a cognizable offence. Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the College campus shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment and fine. Any student convicted shall be dismissed from the College and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal. The following are some of the ingredients of ragging, which are punishable under the court of law as per the “UGC Regulations on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009”:

(1) Abetment to ragging, (2) Criminal conspiracy to rag, (3) Unlawful assembly and rioting, (4) Public nuisance created during ragging, (5) Violation of decency and moral thought, (6) Injury to body, (7) Wrongful restrain, (8) Wrongful confinement, (9) Use of criminal force, (10) Assault as well as sexual offences or unnatural offences, (11) Extortion, (12) Criminal trespass, (13) Offences against property, (14) Criminal intimidation, etc.


1) Parents /Guardians are expected to co-operate with the School / College Authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare lesson by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School / College.

2) Parents /Guardians are informed that occasional reports from the teacher are conveniently sent through the calendar, they must check it regularly.

3) Parents /Guardians are particularly requested to signature messages, reports or any other similar documents when given. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience for which no complaint will be entertained.

4) Parents /Guardians have to pay particular attentions to their children’s attendance at School / College. If a child absent due to illness or any other unforeseen circumstances, the reason for such absence should be briefly indicated in the pages provided for the purpose in the Calendar (Pupil’s Diary).

5) Parents /Guardians are urged to encourage in their children diligence and honesty in doing their daily homework. The medium of instruction is Urdu; children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by certain amount of correct Urdu conversation at home.

6) The Parents /Guardians must check their ward’s lessons, Home Work (Assignments) daily and sign.

7) Parents /Guardians are earnestly requested to do their part by insisting on the regular attendance and punctuality of their children by seeing that they do their homework, prepare their lessons as specified in the class and read books taken from School / College Library. Parental co-operation is essential.

  • 1. Anti Ragging Cell
  • 2. Women grievance Cell
  • 3. Student's grievance Cell
  • 4. Career Guidance and Employment Information Cell
  • 5. First Aid box available with unit of the college
  • 6. Books made available through Poor Students Book Bank
  • 7. Special guidance for potential toppers as well as weaker students.
  • 8. Railway/Bus concession to students community
  • 9. A plethora of prizes and scholarships to deserving students and Govt. of India Scholarship for Backward Class Students.