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Ideal Academy Trust Plan for the Year 2019-2020

Sr. No. Details of the Work Estimated Cost
1 Building Plan approval and construction of new school building 05.00 Cr.
2 Science equipment’s, apparatuses, (for science Lab. and computers etc.) 05.00 Lakh
3 To create e-learning facilities 05.00 Lakh
4 Painting of the School building 04.00 Lakh
5 Home Science Lab for Junior College 02.00 Lakh
6 General repair and maintenance 05.00 Lakh
7 To Create Digital Library 10.00 Lakh
Total 05.31.50 Cr.

How to Help ?

The well-wishers of Ideal High School & Junior College of Arts, Science, & Commerce wishing to render help in cash can pay it to the Safeers, appointed by Ideal High School & Junior College to collect donations for various regions, and get receipt from them. Or, they can directly send it via money order, DD or Cheque to the following addresses. Having received the money you shall, in-sha-Allah, be delivered the receipt:

For cheques and Drafts write: Ideal Academy Trust

Ideal High School & Junior College Bank Account

If you donate online or transfer directly to Ideal High School & Junior College accounts, please inform us by email so that we can confirm the receipt

Bank Name : State Bank Of India

Account No. : 10895956619

IFC Code : SBIN0003109

Donation in kind

You can be of help by offering:

Syllabus and study books for the Library of Ideal High School & Junior College

Construction materials such as brick, cement, rod etc.

Fans and other electric stuff for classes

Computers, original software etc.

Clothes for poor students