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A message from President

The new school year is just around the corner and I guess a mixture of excitement, nervousness and confidence is in the air.

It is my delight to welcome teachers and students back to school. I wish to offer some simple tips/guidelines which can yield great success in effecting smooth transition and quick adjustment to school life.

Looking at the past, I feel immense pleasure in shaping the dreams of Ideal Academy Trust into a well established institution at Cheeta Camp, Trombay. Ideal High School & Jr. College School is one of the finest institutions in its province as it is unique in its kind. The Ideal aims to offer a challenging and balanced education, which prepares its pupils for adult responsibilities in the new generation. The school is committed to society at large and aims to fulfill its obligations to the communities it touches, with appropriate initiatives, in a dedicated and comprehensive manner.

A great deal of stress is laid on strengthening the moral values, promotion of culture, social and spiritual values so that the destiny of every country could be shaped in the class room that India needs today for supreme accomplishment in the series of the nation, for position of leadership and influence in business, teaching, journalism, art, science, administrative and defence services. Ideal believes that progressive nations have strategically invested heavily in education on a long-term basis. We are living in age of knowledge explosion. The more we acquire, the more powerful we become. Students of Ideal are being shaped to become productive and proud citizens of our nation. They are taught to be morally sound, confident, up to date, technologically sharp and scientifically advanced. Ideal is a futuristic school.

I congratulate the Ideal community for the success of the school. The achievements of the students make us feel proud. The Ideal Academy Trust strives for individuals at educational and vocational levels.

School Administrators

  • Muster your team together. Do most preparatory activities before school re-opens. Ensure that your school is clean, classrooms well arranged.
  • Ensure that teachers teach on the first working day. Parents will be gratified to know that work commences at your school on the very first day.

Class teachers

  • Be punctual, regular and committed. Teach with a passion.
  • Use all the resources which the Ministry of Education has made available to enhance your teaching.
  • Above all, be honest in your endeavors and encounters with the children. Bear in mind that the hidden curriculum is just as powerful as active teaching. Keep on reading.

Parents and Guardians

  • Send your children out to school from the first day.
  • Attend the orientation sessions and always participate in the school programme.
  • Control the children’s television viewing.
  • Encourage your children to read.


  • Set up and use a study timetable.
  • Do your homework to the best of your ability and in a timely manner.
  • Show respect for your teachers.
  • Be on time for school every day.
  • Obey the rules of the school.
  • Stay in school and complete your education.

School administrators, teachers, parents and students together can improve the quality of education in our country. Thus we must and will do with a high level of commitment and passion.

Abdul Rab
(Hon. Chairman)
Ideal Academy Trust